Closeup of Cannabis female plant in flowering phase.

Cannabis for Grandma? Studies Show Cannabis Prevents Dementia and More

Cannabis obviously has proven medical benefits – the U.S. Govt. made that clear when they issued Patent No. 6630507 to legally protect this substance. So, how can it remain on the list of most tightly controlled substances in the country?  Isn’t this unfair?

Visit to read more about current medical research on this flower and see why CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta believes this life-saving medicine should be rescheduled.

Where else is this legal? What are the ramifications?

Physician-assisted suicide now legal in the state of California, as SB-128 goes into effect

Did you know Physician-assisted suicide is now legal in California?

Learn more about PAS and the observed & potential implications of passing a thing like SB-128 at the Soul Doctors blog, Ctenidium (ti-NID-ee-um).

Physician-assisted suicide now legal in California