The Superheroes Beneath Your Feet


Pleurotus ostreatus growing on a dead tree stump

Do you want to help reverse the damage we humans have inflicted upon the Earth?

Interested in learning what you can do in your own backyard to remediate the Earth’s natural cycles of nutrients, which humans have disrupted with factories upon industries upon capitalism?

If we don’t protect the Earth’s biodiversity, we’ll have to say goodbye to many of the organisms we enjoy today, including all flowers and fruit.

Mycoremediation, which is use of fungi as a bioremedy to eat up plastics and other contaminants, is one solution – one we can all participate in every now and then. With a little sweat, we can preserve soil diversity so that our children will know the joys of reaping literal fruits of their hard labor. Read more at Ctenidium [ten-ID-ee-um].

Where else is this legal? What are the ramifications?

Physician-assisted suicide now legal in the state of California, as SB-128 goes into effect

Did you know Physician-assisted suicide is now legal in California?

Learn more about PAS and the observed & potential implications of passing a thing like SB-128 at the Soul Doctors blog, Ctenidium (ti-NID-ee-um).

Physician-assisted suicide now legal in California