Shroom Raider issue 1 cover image, Amanita Jones sitting atop pink-hued chair-sized mushrooms

First issue of Shroom Raider!

Hey there! It’s been awhile since my last post, but I’ve recently completed some new work – I’m trying my hand at comics!

I think comics are where it’s at in terms of storytelling.  What better way to tell a meaningful story than through semiotic mediums – or comics! Comics are unique because they are like languages –  they are systems of signs the reader must interpret to understand what the author intends to communicate (just think of any time the sequence of panels on a page threw off your understanding because you read the panels’ speech/narrative bubbles in a different order than the author intended).


Amanita Jones finds the legendary Pelo-Mo mushroom. | ©SCLeccentric


via Shroom Raider: Mushroom and Zombie Flambé

Above is page 16 from issue 1 of Shroom Raider – only one box of narrative here, not confusing at all heh 🙂 you can click through to the *entire* first issue of Shroom Raider, where we are introduced to our mushroom-foraging citizen detective, Amanita Jones (named after Amanita muscaria).

Sam (or SCLeccentric) based the character off of me. So if you think she resembles me, that’s the intention 🙂 Of course, I’m NOWHERE *near* as cool as Amanita is. But it’s always good to have goals!

Let me know what you think in the comments! We’ll be seeing Amanita again soon enough; I just finished a beat sheet for a new comic she’s featured in – exciting! See you all next time!


Shroom Raider issue 1 cover image, Amanita Jones sitting atop pink-hued chair-sized mushrooms

Adventures in Writing: Comics lettering (and editing)

[361 words, 2-4 minute read]

Hi folks! SCLeccentric just released another page of Shroom Raider, and I thought I should maybe share my lettering experience? Have you lettered a comic book before? I just lettered my fourth comic book page. Getting off to a slow start, but it’s goin’!

Shroom Raider issue 1 cover image, Amanita Jones sitting atop pink-hued chair-sized mushrooms

Issue 1: Mushroom and Zombie Flambé!

I like lettering because it requires great focus and is meditative.

The joy of lettering is that it gets me into a flow state: a state in positive psychology that indicates full immersion and enjoyment. I engage my breath and try to relax, which helps hone my focus while carefully drawing those lines. MUCH easier said than done, but practice makes perfect, right?

I tried a more flowery style the first three pages, which is pretty much my normal handwriting, but it’s just too much.

My first lettering style, a more flowery sort of font.

My first attempts at lettering. Work!

The style crowds the content in my opinion; it’s a bit distracting. Thus, I began writing sans serif and using all capital letters. It makes for cleaner lines and more consistent spacing in page/box margins and between lines. You can see the flowery style on pages one through four in the link below, and page five (and the new lettering style) is below the link:

Shroom Raider pages 1-4

And page five is below. You’ll see there’s a considerable difference between the two. I like the change anyway; it’s more fun to letter the second font. Hope you like the style too! Also, I edit the script before lettering it onto the page, and I’ll elaborate on that process soon—because, when it comes to writing, comic scripts are a whole different animal.

And! If you like these pages, or comics and illustration in general, definitely visit for some illustrated laughs, adventure and excitement! See you soon!

Hello All, Last we checked, Shroom Raider was about to be eaten by a giant catfish! Will she make it? FYI, Psilocybin means “magic” mushrooms. That catfish should be tripping for a while. For once I actually have a few pages finished, so I can post consistently. Stay tuned, we will have another page for […]

via Shroom Raider Page 5 — SCLeccentric


Morel mushroom

🍄 Fun(gi) at the MSSF Fungus Fair!🍄

Driving across the bridge from the East Bay to San Francisco

On the way to MSSF!

Sam and I went to the Mycological Society of San Francisco Fungus Fair a few weekends ago, and it was nothing short of AWESOME! There’s nothing like learning about the largest branch in the Tree of Life with kindred souls!

There were two main rooms: upon arrival, you’re guided through the entryway by scents of tasty mushroom soup 🍲 and this savory serving foyer opened up to a huge room filled with mushroom fanatics performing fungi arts and crafts (there are so many ways to use mushrooms): A chef demonstrating his mushroom recipe, people dipping white scarves into rainbows of fungi dyes, excited children building multitudes of mushroom housesthen we came to the next room. The next room. Ugh. So much mushroomin’ it wasn’t allowed.

MSSF Fungus Fair life-sized diorama of a forest floor covered in leaf litter and fungi

Life-sized diorama of a forest floor you might encounter on a foray; it took up the center of the room.

There was so much information and so many specimens there that filled gaps of my fungi knowledge and will be super-useful in my fungi-related posts (definitely planning one re: California Chanterelles now). Accessing so much reliable information about fungi was invaluable, so I’ll be locating and attending fungi fairs as often as I can manage now.


I also got these while at the fungus fair:

Wineforest Wild Foods brand dried Candy Cap mushrooms

Ever heard of candy cap mushrooms? Their binomial name is Lactarius rubidus, and I made candied yams with them! I subbed the candy caps in place of vanilla, and the yams came out with distinctive maple flavor. Contrary to what one might assume, the yams DID NOT taste like mushrooms. They tasted like candied yams with maple syrup…seasoning, if that makes sense…delicious! These are even good used in a roast duck or chicken recipe; they add maple flavor and distinguish your glazes, yum 😋 And  I only need to use one or two mushrooms per serving of any given dish. A little goes a long way!

What fungus fairs (or any sort of nature-themed fair) have you attended? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

I can’t recommend attending the MSSF Fungus Fair enough, and you should definitely check it out if you live by San Francisco. I can’t wait for next year’s fair!

“Her?”: An artist’s confession about this election season.

SCL: “People have lots of different opinions about Hillary Clinton. My personal belief is that the world would be a better place with more women in charge. I think a competent female president would be a good thing for the world…”

Source: Her? at

Support the 1%

Great illustration SCLeccentric did for a propaganda assignment at AAU. “Support the 1%, help realize all THEIR dreams!”


God's favorite child. The Best American

Support The 1%.

There’s a minority in America. A threatened minority. And they may just be the most important minority of all.

That minority is of course, The 1%. Those noble Americans who have struggled day and night to hoard their God-given blessings of wealth. They truly deserve all that they have.

The top 1% of us now own 50% of the world’s wealth. But we still lack basic necessities. Many are unable to find parking to accommodate their yachts. Others are discriminated against when buying shuttle fare to the International Space Station. Saddest of all, some can’t even find food, and will be forced to have barbeques without white rhino meat.

For us Real Americans, we know all wealth belongs to the 1%. We can each do our part. Watching cable news, buying new phones, and voting Republican will make…

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