(Forageable) Fungi Fridays: Hevella lacunosa*

fluted hevella, Hevella lacunosa

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This club-shaped fungus is called the elfin black saddle in North America, though the images I have make the Hevella lacunosa look more like the elfin black cloud 🙂 A conspicuous morel lookalike, the fluted hevella can be found under deciduous and coniferous trees.

Hevella lacunosa
Fun Fact: The root of its species name, lacunosa, is the latin noun ‘lacuna’ (lake, pool). Today, lacuna refers to a cavity or depression, or intervals. This refers to the fluted depressions and hollow stipe (stem) of the H. lacunosa.

So I tried them deep fried after reading they’re best prepared that way…and let’s just say I now understand why they are not choice. I won’t be collecting them again haha 🙂 they tasted really…mushroomy, which makes sense but doesn’t make this mushroom more desirable. I felt like I was eating fried chunks of thin gristle, but that’s probably a bit dramatic—they didn’t taste distinctive to me at all. But if you see these guys around and can cook them over heat, you don’t have to starve!


Genus: Hevella

Species: lacunosa

Edibility: Edible, but not (my) choice

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Happy foraging!