Fungi Fridays: Hypholoma fasciculare*

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Hypholoma fasciculare, or the Common Sulfur Tuft

I don’t know of any edible lookalikes for this ‘shroom, what looks like the Hypholoma fasciculare (a.k.a. the Common Sulfur Tuft). The Hypholoma capnoides, or Conifer Tuft, is questionably edible, but sources say to steer clear of it. Besides,  people report this mushroom is extremely bitter—so you probably wouldn’t like it anyway.


They commonly grow from wood OR soil, depending on the species. Fasciculare is usually found on dead or decaying conifer stumps. Sulfur Tufts are also known as the Sulphur Tuft or Clustered Woodlover, and they often grow in bunches in absence of any other mushrooms.



Genus: Hypholoma

Species: fasciculare

Edibility: inedible



*Disclaimer: This site is provided for informational purposes only. Taylor assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequences of readers actions. Though every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, identifications may be incorrect (Taylor *is* a novice)—but that’s where community input helps! Please, feel free to correct misinformation you find (or just add your two cents) in the comments!
Happy foraging!

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