Fungi Fridays: Turkey Tail mushroom*


Trametes versicolor

(NOTE: I know today is Saturday – but the post didn’t publish yesterday as scheduled for some reason 😦 wonder why…got some sleuthing to do!)

Nothing like the famed bird so fondly consumed on Turkey Day, these ‘shrooms are in the polypore family. I’ve seen some polypore species cooked (@mallorylodonnell has great fungi cooking pics on Instagram, I love her feed) but they aren’t considered “choice.” That means lazy cookers should steer clear of bracket fungi, because it takes some work to tease the flavor outta these babies (ONLY cook the tender edges, the closer to the base you get the woodier your meal will be! And only cook YOUNGEST bracket ‘shrooms you find).


Genus:  Trametes

Species: versicolor

Edibility: Edible with work, not choice


*Disclaimer: This site is provided for informational purposes only. Taylor assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequences of readers’ actions. Though every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, identifications may be incorrect (Taylor is an amateur) – but that’s where community input helps! Please, feel free to correct misinformation you find (or just add your two cents) in the comments!
Happy foraging!


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