Advice from a Dying 24 Year-old

Beautiful sentiments from a 24 year old on his deathbed.

Cancer takes too many too soon, but the words this young man chose to leave behind give me courage and strength to conquer my fears:
“I believe that we all have potential, but it also takes a lot of courage to realize it.

You can float through a life created by circumstances, missing day after day, hour after hour. Or, you can fight for what you believe in and write the great story of your life. I hope you will make the right choice.”

For the Earth

Prince Ea strikes again with another beautifully shot video, a video made to apologize to future generations for the inevitable disappearance of our trees and oceans and our inaction in preventing it. An important message for the 21st century.

“When the rivers are all dried up and the trees cut down, man will then realize that will not be able to eat money.”