Travel theme: Graceful

I’ve been lurking on Ailsa’s wonderful travel blog for about 2 weeks now and finally decided to contribute! This week’s theme especially resonated with me, because I took dance classes from 3rd grade until the end of 10th grade, dabbled in Kendo during my years at UC Davis, and recently was a pedestrian in a vehicular collision on October 4th 2014 – which means I lost much of the grace and coordination I honed for YEARS upon YEARS.

I suffered rashes of traumatic brain injuries, but I’m walking again (yay!) and surely building my coordination to the level it was at before this collision (along with all the other skills besides coordination that we take for granted – oh, might I soon write an article about never taking life for granted and enjoying the journey, not focusing on the destination??? STAY TUNED). Luckily, I’m only 25, so I’m recovering like a BEAST. It’s wonderful to be able to run again! And it’s been so wonderful to commune with nature again – admittedly, those hospital beds get a little old after a while (not to mention the meals). Onto business though, and first up: cute cows!

Many of my forays into the natural world take place in Wildcat Canyon (these 3 pics were taken there). I definitely had to use graceful movement to land a picture with these fellas! But they were the REAL graceful ones, sidling from knoll to knoll, chewing the cud and keeping wary of interlopers!

Me and cow friends at Wildcat Canyon

During this visit we were lucky to catch a lone coyote*! He took his time gracefully padding down this ridge of land.

Wolf at Wildcat Canyon, near Richmond, CA.

Coyote* walking downhill

And last, but not least, we have this sneaky ground squirrel, camouflaging admirably with the terrain of the canyon.

Youuu caaaan't seee meee...


Big thanks to Ailsa for bringing attention to the beauty existing in nature; all her posts are inspiring. Here’s her original post that inspired my graphic interpretation of grace:

“Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad whatever is done and suffered by her creatures. All scars she heals, whether in rocks or water or sky or hearts.” – John Muir

*“Wolf” has been changed to “coyote”. While wolves do not live in Wildcat Canyon, coyotes certainly do:

‘I am not afraid’: Thousands march for murdered Putin critic Boris Nemtsov [photos]

I’m currently reading “Black Prophetic Fire” by Cornel West and Christa Buschendorf. It’s a book consisting of 6 conversations profiling historical Black folks (Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Du Bois, MLK Jr., Ella Baker, Malcolm X, and Ida B. Wells) who fearlessly and compassionately faced both the evils of the world and the powers that be. My heart goes out to those fearlessly and compassionately facing the evils of the powers that be in Russia. We are one.