Ode to the Street Canvasser

A Canvasser’s Rapsody

We rap for the Streets and

the World, to the beats

of that Universal


and the powerlines we strum

as sun shines down

kindles warmth in our words

read the fire, take heed

and your shiny oxfords

will pale when compared to

blazes that ensnare you

are you feelin’ it?

’cause we killin it

street-wise and intentional

slick, unconventional

Arsonists of Justice

know it’s never “just us”

This is why we fight.

Don’t ‘just do it’ – do RIGHT.




The above poem is inspired by my past eight days of canvassing. The fiery souls I’ve befriended this past week have changed my life for the better, and their strength and penchant for justice inspires me beyond measure.  ~peace~

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